Lazy Picnic meets Adventurous Hike

Our famous East African Coconut Rice Cakes and steaming coffee is enough to coerce just about anyone into venturing out with us so early in the morning! 

We have been exploring some waterfalls, coffee plantations, nearby villages and more!

Our Picnic Outings first begin in the early morning, with a Coffee and Coconut RiceCake briefing in the cozy Zawadi House Lounge/Bar.  At the briefing we will go over dress codes, and the day's itinerary, after which we will venture out to the planned destination: Themi Waterfalls !

Themi Falls is 10 min away from Zawadi House Lodge. It is nestled within the many forests of Mount Meru. Themi Waterfall is one of the three surrounding waterfalls near Zawadi House Lodge. At Themi Falls and you can jump in and swim underneath the falls, scramble up the rocks and play at the top.

Expect to see legendary trees; (if you are an outdoorsy kind of person) you will be impressed by the towering Fig Trees that sprout lots of fruit in season!

 If you sit down and set up a picnic, you’ll have your own private ‘swimming pool’ that trickles out into a stream winding its way through the forest.

You could also set up a picnic at the top of Naar Engolong Hill, one of the foothills of mount Meru.

Most of it is covered by farms belonging to people of Olgilai village, growing everything from potatoes and maize to pine and banana trees.

At the top of it are some amazing views of Mount Meru, the city of Arusha, Olgilai village and the neighboring Oldonyo Sapuk.

So even if it’s not your birthday; treat yourself to our deliciously nutritious picnic lunches and an outdoor adventure!