Cycling Routes Arusha Tanzania (Baisikeli Tours)

Baiskeli Tours

Zawadi House Lodge would like to present "Baiskeli Tours," a private Bike Tour service that points you out to exclusive scenic routes at the heart of Arusha Tanzania. 

Travel at the pace of Africa through coffee plantations, bananna farms, agricultural bomas, mountain streams and more. 

Biking far from the tourist routes you will experience Africa at face level – you’ll view wildlife from the saddle of your bike. 

The terrain is flat and gently undulating; and the riding surface is made up of 80% dirt roads, 15% paved roads, and about 5% non-technical single track so a mountain bike with front suspension is the ideal bike. 

The low-down: 

The trip begins at Zawadi House Lodge, where a driver will take you and your group (or significant other) to the desired bike route destination. From there the driver will wait patiently in the car, until you are finished with the route! You get to ride your bikes in privacy, without annoying tourists (or tour guides) by your side! Just you and MAMMA AFRICA.

BIKE HIRE: $60                     for two bikes

TRANSPORTATION: $15  per group

PACKED LUNCHBOX: $15 - $20  depending on you! (we have a menu) 


If you are flying out we can arrange a transfer from the airport.