Arusha Farmer’s Market

Do something unique, fun yet relaxing: A visit to the Arusha Farmer's Market

We tend to refer to it as a "Scavenger Hunt" but really it's just an opportunity to try different exotic fruits and a chance to have full control of the meal on your table.

Our scavenger hunt's are centered around the produce that’s available at the local Farmer’s market located in Arusha city.

The bustling market hosts over 100 small agricultural vendors, each of them selling their produce at competitive prices. The energy within the market is electric. There are a bountiful variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, peanuts, flour, grains, and fish available for your stomach’s (and eye’s) consumption. We invite you to pick any recipe of choice, and commit to an inquisitive child’s gaze as you follow our guide through the Farmer’s Market, and make your way back home with what we can guarantee is the some of the best produce Arusha has to offer. The salad recipe you chose will be made with the items bought from the Market but mixed with our special flair thanks to our resident Chef and her culinary skills. Bon appetite! Or as we like to say in Tanzania:

Karibu Cha-ku-la